Raising a family from the road


Leaving your home behind

Being a truck driver is not an easy job when you have a family at home. Yes you are providing for them but your daily presence is a key factor in your family's life. Although you may not be there physically, you can definitely have an impact in there lives virtually while you are away.

Video Chatting

With all the technology in the world, video chatting is one of the best things to happen to families. Try out a few video chat apps from your phone or tablet to stay in touch with your children and your significant other.  Invest in mobile hotspot or WiFi. Your family will be so happy to not only hear your voice but to see your face as well.

Vacation or Workcation

Some companies allow immediate family members to ride in the truck with you given a few restrictions. If that is the case, make good use of that benefit especially around times when your children are out of school or your spouse/significant other is on vacation.  For OTR drivers, it's also perfect opportunity for a little one-on-one and some site seeing along the way. 

What to do when you get home

The first thing you want to do when you get home is rest. The first thing your family wants is your attention. Plan time for sleep and time for family. Communication will be your best friend in this situation. Remember, your family loves you so they will work with you.