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Reliability is our Responsibility

Who We Are


Family Owned & Operated

MLB Logistics 73 is a family-owned trucking company with operations in New Jersey and Florida. We have strong family values and believe in providing a pleasant and stress-free work environment. 


We believe in building lasting relationships with our drivers, office personnel, customers, and vendors.


The Logistics

We are a FTL and LTL trucking company delivering flexibility and reliability to your supply chain.  We deliver daily to the Northeastern states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island and Virginia. We provide reliable service and guarantee on-time delivery.

It's our job to ensure that all shipments are shipped in a timely manner no matter what is happening in the industry so that our clients and their customers can receive their goods as agreed.


Our Mission

Our mission is to secure and safely deliver our customer's freight on time and provide a rewarding career for our employees.